Avon & Tributaries Angling Association

Description of Waters

Trout fishing

The Cam Brook and Wellow Brook are tributaries of the Midford Brook. All have similar features. They have steep valley sides, the result of periglacial action on the oolitic limestone through which the waters flow. All are rich in weed growth and are a combination of shallow runs, pools and some deep bends. The brown trout is native throughout these streams along with some grayling. In addition there are pockets of coarse fish in the Midford. The majority of the streams are catch and release whist there is also trickle stocking with triploid rainbows.

Coarse fishing

This is mainly on the Somerset Frome (about 3 miles) along with about a mile of the Bristol Avon. The usual river species can be expected along with the odd, large brown trout. We have been stocking barbel for the last few years. Again the fishing is very varied, from fast, shallow stretches and weir pools to deep bends.

Click on the links below to find a schematic map (a bit like a tube map) and a hand drawn map contributed by one of our members some time back. The catch records are only a guide, not a guarantee!