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Coarse Fishing on the Bristol Avon

Fishing on the Avon is available on the left hand bank, looking downstream, from the second field below Avoncliff to the mouth of the Frome at Freshford and then below this for three fields down to the ditch which is roughly opposite the railway station.

There is a good head of bream, roach, dace, barbel, chub, pike, perch and carp which may be encountered throughout this length, some of which reach specimen size. Depths vary greatly from long, shallow glides covered with streamer weed to deep, lily bordered pools all along the stretch so different species can be targeted according to the type of swims available. 

The barbel here have been caught to over 14lbs, carp and pike to around 20lbs and, very rarely, chub over 6lbs have graced the banks. 

Float fishing bread, maggot or caster is productive for roach, chub and dace, particularly in the warmer months.

Pike usually fall to deadbaiting tactics but lure fishing can be very successful here using plugs, spoons or rubber lures which may also tempt perch to 2lbs. 
Never fish for the pike without a wire trace, suitably strong tackle and correct unhooking equipment including: long artery forceps, glove, unhooking mat, and sidecutters, in case hooks need to be cut off. 
Be aware that pike are one of our most delicate fish and are easily damaged – if in any doubt about how to go about it don’t fish for them until you have found out.

Usual tactics of legered meat, paste or pellets account for the majority of the barbel here and chub will frequently be caught as well in this way.
Carp are usually an accidental capture whilst fishing for other species but it is possible to target them once they have been located.
Bream are especially prolific and are found all through the stretch in shallow as well as deep water and can be captured using feeder fished maggots, pellets or sweetcorn.

The angling on the opposite bank is run by a large local club but it is still not fished very heavily despite this.

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