Catch and Release Development Plan


“The Catch and Release Plan" is designed to allow us to focus our effort to best effect during the coming year. 

It will provide a balance between habitat improvement (to provide long-term benefit to the fishery) and making as much fishable water available and readily accessible during the forthcoming trout season to provide members with worthwhile wild trout fishing opportunities.

It covers the C&R sections of the Cam and Wellow Brooks.”

Catch and Release Technique


  • Use barbless, de-barbed or barb-flattened hooks

  • Do not use too fine a point on your cast in relation to fly size

  • Play the fish quickly

  • Only use a (knotless – by law) landing net if absolutely necessary

  • Release the fish without touching it if possible

  • If the fish is held the hand should be wetted and cooled in the river first. On no account should the fish be squeezed.

  • Hold the fish head to current until it is sufficiently recovered to swim away (may take a long time with large fish or in high water temperatures)

This advice also holds true for handling fish on our ‘coarse’ sections.

'Best practice’ for handling trout on our "Catch and Release" water: