Covid-19 Pandemic

A  statement from Rob Whish - ATAA President

Dear Member

The new season is due to open next Wednesday on the 1st April, but unfortunately we will be unable to open the fishery because of the restrictions imposed as a result of the corona virus pandemic We are following the advice from the government and the Angling Trust.

We will keep this decision under review as the situation is constantly changing. We will advise members when at the end of the government's 3-week period. It is very frustrating as many of us have been working hard behind the scenes on both administrative and practical tasks in order to be ready for next week. Please bear with us as we await better news.

We are revising our database so that we can monitor membership and distribute information more effectively. This season the website is available as soon as you have paid your subscription, providing you have registered to gain access. Please do so if you not previously registered.

(Contact Nick Gates if you have any problems)

Other news

George Marwood is joining our team of bailiffs. This is an important job as two poachers were spotted on the Mye at Midford last week. Please ring the police if you see evidence of poaching.

Our bank teams have been active checking ladders and clearing access points. A few ladders, which are marked with red and white tape, need adjustment and will be attended to as soon as we are able under the present restrictions. As always take care and tight lines when we get the ‘green light’ for fishing.

In the meantime, stay safe.

Yours sincerely

Rob Whish

Rob Whish

ATAA President