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Morgan's Weir Remediation Project

A Five Valleys Trust and ATAA Project - July 2013

The Problem - Morgan's Weir had distorted and the main flow was directed to the inside of the bend forming a large, deep pool by eroding the high bank,

Having a full-width weir on a sharp bend was thought to be the root of the problem. With advice from the EA and others we decided to reconfigure the weir with a wide opening to the centre, and to augment the habitat with a new set of flow deflectors about 20 metres downstream. These two adjacent willows were just above the weir and could be pollarded to provide the material needed.

With some professional help we came up with a design for the new flow deflectors, which increase
habitat diversity through flow variation and scouring. Two large alders at the position of the main structure would provide a strong anchor point and good bank protection at that point.

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