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Some Recent Catches

One of our members sent us some photographs from a day's fishing on the River Frome.Thank you Kelvin for these great photographs!

You will see these are living proof that there are some great fish and great sport to be had on our waters.

Photos 4 and 5 are quote:

"Couple of chub caught in the archery field at Iford at Xmas, caught on a stick float and 2lb line in high water conditions. The first one was 4lb 8oz and the second, with the weights by it, was 5lb 8oz, biggest chub I've caught out there." Cheers. Kelvin Green.

Photo 6 is of a specimen 5lb plus Bream caught above the weir at Freshford, by Ian Clements.

Photo 10 is a chub caught on a fly by Christian Bamber

Please click on the photo of your choice to see the full image.

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